Which are the features included in Toto toilets?


Below are all the great features TOTO toilets include:


G-Max flushing system designed for high use with such features as: High head pressure to maximize flow

rate, 3” flush valve for high volume flushing, siphon jet action to assist performance for efficiency, 2 1/8”

glazed computer designed trapway, 5 Year Limited Warranty, and designed for commercial and high

use residential installations.


Power Gravity was introduced in 1997 as a quiet and powerful flushing toilet with features that include: 3"

flush valve for high volume flushing, 2 1/8” glazed computer designed trapway for efficiency, siphon jet action

to assist performance, 5 Year Limited Warranty, and designed for residential installations.


SanaGloss glazing seals the bowl with an ionized barrier, creating a super smooth surface.

  Because this glaze forms a nanometre scale of smoothness, it leaves virtually no room for residue to

• Besides being “ultra smooth” the charge of the SanaGloss glaze repels the minerals found in heavy water.
• Because waste matter, bacteria, germs and mold have no place to adhere on this non-porous surface, they

  get washed away by normal flushing, making TOTO SanaGloss toilets virtually self-cleaning.
• The super-fine-smoothness of the SanaGloss nano-technology, combined with the ionized barrier, is

  effective in preventing both the physical reactions and chemical reactions that can occur in ordinary toilets.

  Mildew, bacteria, waste and hard water stains are no match for SanaGloss glazing.


CSA approved products are always recommended. For example caution should be taken when

making a purchase of a product that does not comply with the CSA as they may become a

burden in the long run. 


Universal-height toilets assist those like the elderly.  The toilet is taller than standard height toilets

and usually measure upto 18” high or more.  Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) is another great

feature for certain Toto products.  ADA compliant products are always ideal for people with disabilities. 


Skirted design means a leveled area ideal for easy cleaning.  A 10”, 12”, or 14” Unifit Rough-In and

concealed  trapway are included with skirted designed toilets. 




Which toilet and Washlet manufacture is highly recommended for use and CSA approved?


With over 80 years in the business TOTO is the largest toilet manufacturer in the world, producing more than

7 million toilets annually.  Amid 1,500 engineers on staff, providing elite inspection of all Toto products by

professionally trained personnel. Toto is an industry leader in performance, technology, and innovation

and completely CSA approved.


Bidets & Washlets


What are the advantages of having a bidet or a Washlet?

Hygienic to our daily living, bidets and Washlets refresh and clean you every time quickly and with ease.


What is the difference between a bidet and a washlet?


General Bidet features:


·  Certain models are drilled for a fixture-mount bidet with a 4" center set faucet, Single-hole faucet, and

   vacuum breaker.

·   Vertical spray delivers a gentle stream for localized cleansing of the body and aids in relief of certain

   health conditions.  Horizontal sprays are also available for bidets with above the rim water spray.

·   Integral overflow

·  Flushing rim


TOTO Washlet Features:


·   Convenient and portable with aerated water

·   Easier use self contained unit which saves space

·   Heated soft close seat with sensor and adjustable warm water stream

·   Genital air drying, air purifier, and self cleaning wand

·   Remote control or side panel

·   Safe and reliable, certified safe by lab technicians for product quality and the ETL, ASHI, and ASME

·   Drawn directly from your homes clean and pure water supply

·   Perfected and improved for over 30 years with quick and easy installation

·   Seat temperature is adjustable approximately 86°-104° F.

·   Self-cleanse wand; automatically sterilizes itself before and after each use.

·   The wand is at an angle therefore no bacteria of any sort will attach to it.

·   Water position adjustment, water pressure and temperature controls

·   Rear and front cleanse, soft and pulsating cleanse, warm air jet dryer,

·   Energy saving mode available

·   Plug-in outlet is necessary

·   Exceptional and elegant effortless cleaning which includes a filter screen –only with TOTO


kitchen Advice from Franke Canada


What is the difference between a 16 and an 18 gauge stainless steel kitchen sink?


  16 gauge stainless steel is thicker than 18 gauge.  It is used primarily for hand-fabricated and industrial

   kitchens and not required for residential application.  The cooking equipment used by most homeowners

   is not so heavy as to necessitate this thick a gauge of steel.  It adds a considerable cost to the sink.


  18 gauge stainless steel is the standard material used in high quality residential sinks.  It is very durable

  and dent resistant when used in a home application.   Since it is more malleable than 16 gauge stainless

  steel, it can be pressed into more flowing and unique shapes.


Two bowl kitchen sinks versus one bowl kitchen sink.


  The choice of the number of bowls is a matter of personal preference and how a sink is used for

  preparation and clean up. 


  If there is no dishwasher in the home, a double bowl sink is pretty indispensable.  You need a place

  to wash and rinse all of your dishes.  It is the more traditional way that Canadians use their sinks. 

  However, the bowls need not be of equal size.  There are combination bowl sinks that are incredibly

  useful.  The smaller bowl will often have fitted accessories that turn it into a versatile prep centre.


  If it is the only sink in the kitchen, a single bowl sink will typically be large and deep.  It is primarily

  used to clean up large pots and pans that would not fit in the dishwasher.


What are the advantages and disadvantages in depth for a 9” and 10” kitchen sink?


  The deeper the sink, the larger the items that can be washed inside of it.  However, a very deep sink

  may be impractical for shorter people.  The deeper you have to reach, the more strain you put on the

  lower back.


  Franke offers deep sink models that feature an integral ledge.  When a shelf grid is used with

  these specific sinks, it raises the work surface to a very comfortable  height.  It's an ergonomic

  function that is unique to the Franke line.


Note: It is not just the depth of the sink that needs to be considered, but also the height of the faucet.


Which is best an undermount or an overmount kitchen sink?


  An undermount sink can only be used with a solid surface countertop.  It is mounted under the counter

  surface, leaving no lip or ledge for debris and dirt to collect under.  It gives a polished look to the kitchen

  and is very practical.  Dirt and crumbs can simply be swept off the counter and into the sink.  The faucet

  and auxiliary accessories (soap dispenser, pop-up drain, side spray) are installed in the countertop

  material itself.


  A drop-in sink can be installed on a laminate or a solid surface countertop.  There are some sinks that

  have a very low profile ledge; it remains easy to clean despite   being on top of the counter surface.  The

  faucet and auxiliary accessories are   mounted into the sink ledge; consider the number of holes to be

  punched into the sink before ordering.  These will have to be done by the manufacturer to order.


  Both types of sinks have many configurations, shapes and sizes available. Which one is best is a matter

  of budget and personal preference.


How do you measure cabinet space?


  Cabinet size can be determined for an undermount sink by adding about 1" to 1.25" to each side

  (left to right measurement).  This allows room for clip installation.  Undermount clips are typically

  1" long.  Cabinet sizes go in increments of 3"; 27", 30", 33", 36" and so on.


What size sink can I mount in a 36” corner sink base cabinet?


  It all depends on the shape of the sink.  There are a few corner sinks on the market, and most of

  them are typically made for at least a 36" cabinet.


Is it possible to order kitchen sinks without faucet holes?


 This would vary from manufacturer to manufacturer.  Most of the time a sink will have at least one

 faucet hole already drilled.  This is done at the factory and is standard.  However, special requests

 may be accommodated upon order.


I am planning on having my kitchen faucet installed and Im not sure if I should install a soap dispenser, what do you recommend?


Soap or lotion dispensers are a great thing to have and are right at your finger tips.  Certain  dispensers

hold up to 16 ounces of lotion or liquid soap.  Soap dispensers can be installed in a pre-drilled sink 

or through a 2 1/4" maximum-thickness countertop.  It is more knowledgable to get the soap dispenser 

so that in the future you dont see yourself having to go through countertop changes. These are some

of the Kohlers soap dispensers available at Luxury Bath Centre:


  ·   K-1893-C-BN

  ·   K-1894-C-CP

  ·   K-1895-C-G

  ·   K-9619-BX


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